With every organisational restructure, employee uncertainty increases.
Providing your displaced employees with an effective outplacement program is recognised as an effective means to reduce staff anxiety and increase morale.
Outplacement service is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and staff. Ariko Reserv’s qualified psychologists and career advisers can offer outplacement and career transition services.

With outplacement program we offer individual and group councelling sessions that provide guidance through a period of adjustment, find or restore a sense of direction and empower job seekers with the skills and knowledge to achieve desired outcomes:

• counselling and strategies for coping with change, define interests and employment goals, past and current skills, work and lifestyle values, employment history, strengths and barriers
• development of interview skills and constructing a resume

Our service delivery is creative, responsive and focused on addressing each individual job seeker's needs to help them achieve employment and personal outcomes.

Positive results from outplacement service for the organisation:
- soothing the stress and traumatic experience resulting from restructuring and redundancy processes
- recognising the contribution of the redundant employees
- maintaining good image and reputation
- maintaining morals of those who could stay with company

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